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Top facts about Malta


The Basics:


  1. Geographic size: Just 121 square miles, 316 km². Main island Malta stretches roughly 17 miles (or 27 km) across and the total shoreline of Malta, Gozo and Comino adds up to a little over 168 miles (or 271 km).
  2. Population size: Over 425,384.
  3. Population Density: 1,346 per km² 8th most densely populated country / territory in the world, 4th in Europe.
  4. Official languages: Maltese and English.
  5. Currency: The Euro, since 1 January 2008. Previously, the Maltese Lira.
  6. Electricity: 230 Volts, 50Hz. Plug type G (3-pin plugs the same as the UK).
  7. Driving: Malta like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus and Republic of Ireland drives on the left hand side.
  8. Weather: Average temperatures: 23º C (daytime, annual). Lowest average temperature: 12º C (January daily average). Highest average temperature: 27º C (August daily average). Average hours of sunshine per day (annually): 8.4
  9. Capital City: Valletta.
  10. Annual tourist arrivals: A staggering 1.6 million people visit Malta each year.
  11. Religion: Roman Catholic (over 90% of the population).
  12. Number of churches: 365… One for each day of the year 😉
  13. Malta and the EU: Malta joined the EU on the 1st of May, 2004.

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Not sure about the move?

Here's how we will support you

Our Rhino Onboarding Specialist will assist you every step of the way, to make sure that choosing and moving to Malta is as straightforward and smooth as possible.


Here are the top 3 ways we will help make that move less stressful and more fun!

step 1


We will take care of organising all the necessary paperwork required for your move to Malta. Including work permits, VISAs and anything that’s required.

step 2


All Rhinos have the opportunity to stay in our Company Apartments for their first 4 weeks. During this time, we will help you find your next place to live. Would you love to be close to the sea? Or perhaps the heart of the capital Valletta is more your thing. We can help you find the place that best suits your taste and living style.

step 3


Shipping your personal stuff over from overseas. Malta is well connected to all major ports. So getting your stuff over and set up in your new home will be easy.

Benefits of the herd

Rhino Perks
Free Health Insurance
Free Private Health Checks
Free Car Parking
27 Annual Leave Days
Annual EU 250 Lifestyle Contribution
Quarterly Team Building Events
Summer and Christmas Events
Team Competitions
Weekly Fitness Classes
Yoga Classes
Massage Sessions
Weekly Football
Daily Fruit, Breakfast, Toasties Anyone?
Company Taxi’s 
(Shift Based Rhinos)
Monthly Incentive Plans (Customer Ops)

From the moment I was offered a role with Rhinoceros Group, I could see I would love being part of the herd! I love the team spirit and the determination to be successful its our philosophy not just an ambition!

Julian ErasmusGroup Head of BI

What can I say, I just love being a rhino! I look forward to coming into work each day and being part of the overall success. The fresh fruits helps too 😉

Tamana ZivariGroup Head of CRM & VIP

After being part of the initial team that founded Rhinoceros Group, I am just so proud to have been able to be part of our growth and success. I really could not imagine working anywhere else!

Susanne ForsmanGroup Head of Casino

I am now entering my 4th year with the Rhinoceros Group and have been luckily enough to have worked in a variety of roles leading to the role I have now which I really enjoy. Being able to positively impact our performance is what motivates me each day!

Martin WernerProjects Coordinator

One of the many elements that I enjoy and respect about Rhinoceros Group is it's commitment to providing a fun, fair and enjoyable gaming experience to our customers. It is something I love about my working day, the way we embrace compliance and regulation understanding that how important it is that our customers feel protected when enjoying our online brands.

Miguel CamilleriHead of Legal & Compliance

I adore working with Rhinoceros Group, I am so proud of the team that we have and I look forward to each day at work!

Helen Vestergren, Mama Rhino!Office Manager, mum, dad, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, best friend and the protector of all our Rhinos!

What a ride my journey has been so far with the Rhinoceros Group, working as part of an amazing group of Team Leaders helping build a leading customer operations environment, I am now privileged to be leading our Customer Support Team.

Adrian StaszakGroup Head of Customer Support

Being one of the founders of the Rhinoceros Group, I take tremendous pride in seeing the achievements we are producing each day. We have grown considerably year on year and being part of that success drives us all to ensure it continues!

Tobias CarlssonChief Procurement Officer

I am very proud of our herd, we are a very special team of hardworking and committed Rhino's and we achieve amazing things together!